Understanding the cost of SEO

Understanding the cost of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has developed into a crucial technique in content and digital marketing. Despite the industry’s rapid evolution, high-quality content has revealed itself as a permanent fixture and the groundwork of good SEO results.

Rankings use to be easy to manipulate, but now SEO professionals have to be more strategic and produce high value content. The increased workload has changed the pricing structure and costs for SEO.

The cheap services are beginning to struggle to produce results because of the stringent updates Google has been applying to its ranking algorithms. Lazy keyword techniques no longer work and anything that is seen as deceptive or remotely strange can land you with ranking penalties. It’s no longer about ‘just adding a blog’.

Good strategies increase a business’s brand recognition, traffic volume and overall organic performance. Forbes contributing writer Jayson Demers noted, “…a successful SEO campaign has great value, value which is, in fact, completely unparalleled. We know, for instance, that achieving a #1 spot for a given keyword means getting about 33% of the clicks.

So how much should you be paying to achieve these results? Unfortunately the answer is not as concrete as businesses would hope; there is no standard pricing guideline. The pricing offered by SEO companies varies from less than $500 to over $40,000 per month with SEO companies providing an array of different services.

The smaller budgets ($500-$2,000/pm) are ideal for small to medium sized businesses, however the trade-off in this price bracket is it doesn’t allow for an aggressive approach to growth or highly competitive keywords. Low ranking keywords would be concentrated on first.

Medium budgets ($2,000-$5,000) allow businesses to build an aggressive strategy for competitive keywords through robust content generation, link building, and analysis. But the limitation will be the ability to attack lots of keywords at the same time.

A top end budget ($5,000+) can produce a dominant player in 1-2 years for many high-value and highly competitive keywords. This can still be achieved with a medium budget but the speed a business will gain results for lots of keywords at the same time is much faster with a higher budget.

Competitor Analysis

The market that a business operates weighs heavily on the pricing of SEO services. Maintaining dominance in smaller niche markets is more obtainable than competing a small business against well established, giant corporations. Prices for keywords and links are more expensive within these markets, paired with the uphill battle of getting ahead of larger companies.

A competitor analysis should include at least 1 competitor up to all of them, and analysis of the content rankings.

This will tell you how competitive keywords are, which keywords are worth pursuing, and what the specific tactics should be.

The more competitors, geographies, and deeper the analysis of the top ranking sites will generate higher quality results and a higher cost.

Technical Audit

Technical audits focus on the fundamental framework of a site. Lots of factors are taken into consideration; here are some of the more prominent ones:

  • Image Optimisation
  • Internal Linking
  • Page Depth
  • Load time
  • Content Complexity
  • Keyword Integration
  • Responsive technologies (mobile and tablet optimised)

In a nutshell, if your competitors are beating you in search terms, they’re probably investing more in their online success. As a business you need to weigh up the potential of generating more traffic and investing in converting that traffic versus other marketing avenues that are harder to track.

There’s no 'one size fits all' approach for SEO, each business is different. Our packages aren’t based on a specific list of fixed-price items, they’re based on time. If you invest more, we can spend more time on your campaign.

The more time we spend on a campaign the quicker and broader the results can be.

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