Growing a business with digital marketing

Growing a business with digital marketing

The SEO industry often gets a bad rap. There are lots of businesses offering wild claims like “guaranteed page one ranking” and “increase traffic by X” that many business owners are swept up in familiar promises and SEO contracts.

Metrics that seem easy are very attractive. Obviously if you were number 1 in all search results that would be great for business. But if it were that easy, wouldn't everyone be doing it?

By the end of the year clients realise there was no strategy and the crazy claims weren’t backed up with results that mean anything for the business. Client expectations versus real world value don’t line up and you now have a client that is cynical about the SEO industry.

Google has gone crazy with their search algorithms. The algorithms are a tight lipped secret built on complex programming for the sole purpose of promoting the most useful results for each search term.

What does that mean for you? In a nutshell, if you want success from your digital marketing you need to shift away from the idea of page one this and ranking that. Sure it’s important, but the key is ranking on keywords that are qualified and add value to your actual business goals. It’s about creating content that is useful for prospective customers to improve conversions. It’s about value.

It’s difficult to understand your business goals, structure and value by the end of a sales meeting. It takes time for us to understand your business and where it’s going to develop ways for a digital strategy to grow your business and adapt as it does - there is no one solution that fits all businesses.

Growing a business through a digital strategy:


I can’t express how important your brand is. It is what turns your business into its own entity. Your brand is what defines your business, it’s the voice and how consumers perceive of you.

The digital arena allows us the luxury of detailed metrics, buying habits and trends. This data helps us leverage your brand into a consistent tool for growth. Customers who relate to a brand are more likely to trust and communicate with it - getting brand exposure is extremely valuable.


Any business that has no intention to communicate their passion through quality content isn’t ready for digital marketing. If you think ‘Facebook isn’t for us’, ‘Our business doesn't need more content, it's fine as it is’, ‘We just want a basic website, we don’t need to write much about our services’ you need to reevaluate what sort of tool your website is going to be.

Content comes in various forms but the bottom line is it needs to be useful, targeted and regularly created.


In our industry you're forced to evolve or wash away. With ever changing scope and technology it’s impossible to stand still. This has given rise to a passion for better communication and building real relationships that provide value - we continue to shift and adapt to situations allowing us to stay on top of our digital marketing portfolio.

Because of this we’re not only able to keep up with the flow of an ever changing industry, we continue to find ways to improve and deliver new results for you!


Results are everything. We pride ourselves on two things: results and communication. Our job is to identify ways that the digital arena can provide your business with results that matter.

This isn’t always about ranking more keywords, but ranking the right keywords. Developing an understanding of your milestones that contribute value to your business requires an open mind, lots and lots of data and a realistic investment with an experienced partner.

If you’re interested in understanding how a digital strategy could benefit you, let’s have a chat.

Justin Mountford Digital Marketing

Justin Mountford

Managing Partner

My passion is design and digital marketing. I get the opportunity to work on incredible digital campaigns with fantastic businesses from all around Australia.

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